Thank you for the lovely installation worship service on February 25! I am grateful we had the opportunity to officially celebrate my installation as your Senior Minister and mark the beginning of our time together with a covenant of commitment to our shared life and ministry guided by the Spirit of God.

Holy Week at First Baptist: March 24–March 31
A few years ago, I went shopping on Good Friday. I was walking through the mall hoping to purchase some clothing I thought I needed when it struck me that engaging in such a trivial activity on such a profoundly sacred day felt incongruous—at least for me. At the heart of Holy Week lies the commemoration of Jesus Christ’s final days on Earth, leading up to his crucifixion and resurrection. Each day of this week holds significance, inviting us to walk alongside Jesus in his final moments, to witness the full extent of his love, and to celebrate his triumph over sin, evil and death. As we approach the sacred time of Holy Week, I want to let you know what we have planned and invite you to join us. Holy Week begins with Palm Sunday Worship on March 24 and extends to Easter Sunday, March 31. On Palm Sunday, children are invited to join the palm processional as we mark Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem, where crowds welcome him with praise. On Wednesday, March 27, we will celebrate Maundy Thursday, where Jesus shared his last supper with his disciples, washing their feet in humility and service and instituting communion. Yes, you read correctly: we will celebrate Maundy Thursday on Wednesday! We decided to make this change to reenact Maundy Thursday, as it would have occurred with Jesus around the table after a shared meal. Children, youth, and adults are invited to participate in this unique experiential worship service in the Fellowship Hall at 6:00pm. (Wednesday night supper will be served as usual.) Good Friday, March 29, is always a solemn remembrance, marking Jesus’ crucifixion and death; we will worship in Carpenter Chapel at 6:00pm. It is a time for reflection on the magnitude of humanity’s cruelty in crucifying Christ and his sacrificial love for us all. The sweet joy of Easter and the glorious celebration of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead is enriched by our observance of Good Friday. Easter morning, there are multiple opportunities to worship God and celebrate the triumph of life over death and love over fear.

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