The nominations are in! Don Caldwell, Becky Hartness and Freda Lark have been nominated to serve a three-year term on the Board of Trustees for the Foundation of First Baptist Greenville. There will be a brief called church conference during worship on Sunday, June 26, to elect these trustees. Those currently serving on the board are Pat Booker-Christy (2022), Don Caldwell (2022), Taylor Davis (2024), Eleanor Dunlap (2022), Paul Goldsmith (2023), Bob Howard (2024), Beverly Lambert (2023), Oz Rogers (2023) and Leah Wynn (2024).

The Foundation is a separate auxiliary organization of First Baptist Greenville with its own Board of Trustees made up of church members. The Foundation provides additional funds for the Church’s budget and special projects. It allows church members to supplement their annual giving with permanent gifts directed toward areas of their particular interest. For more information about the Foundation, please visit or contact the Church office.

Be in worship on Sunday, June 26, to cast your vote!

Don Caldwell

Becky Hartness

Freda Lark

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