Rev. Carrie Nettles and I will be co-leading a course titled “Intro to Christian Theology: Theological Controversies Through the Centuries.” How and when did early Christians decide if Jesus was a human, divine, or something in between? Where did we get the doctrine of the Trinity? (Spoiler—one church council in 335 got so heated over the Trinity that there was a murder!) How did medieval female mystics change the way Christians define prayer and a personal connection to Jesus? How did understandings of God and suffering change after the Holocaust? We will explore the ways the remnants of these theological debates and issues have shaped our worship practices and where these controversies are alive in today’s church landscape.

We will gather on Sundays, January 8 through February 12, in the Fellowship Hall from 9:30 until 10:15am. Come early for coffee! All sessions will be livestreamed and archived for later viewing. No registration is required.

Not sure of your January or February plans? Tony Hopkins will lead a series on the Gospels March 5-26, and Matt Rollins will lead a series on Baptist History April 16-May 21.
If you would like to watch sessions from Fall 2022, videos are available on the church website on the “Adult Sunday School” page or at this link.

Forum@First courses are open to all community members of any church affiliation or faith tradition. Courses meet in the Fellowship Hall from 9:30 until 10:15am on Sundays for six weeks at a time. The Forum program is an additional theological education option at FBG intended to grow community relationships and dive deeper into theological content you might find in a seminary curriculum. All are welcome!


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