Focus on Missions


From October 29 to November 19, we will be collecting items for Welcome Kits for refugee families. The Welcome Kits provide the basic household items a family of four would need for their new start in a place of safety. Each item for a kit will be listed on an index card attached to large plastic bins located in the lobby, near the front desk at the church. Please take a card, purchase the item(s) listed, and return the item(s) to the bin by November 19.Questions? Call Laura or email her at

Operating through 27 offices across the United States, World Relief and its network of local church partners welcome and resettle thousands of refugees to the U.S. each year. For nearly 40 years, World Relief has partnered with the U.S. Department of State to help refugees referred by the United Nations Refugee Agency. These refugees undergo extremely rigorous screening and background checks by Homeland Security. They often flee their homes at a moment’s notice and arrive in their new country with few belongings. That’s where our Welcome Kits help!

In addition to providing Welcome Kits, our church is partnering with World Relief Upstate to sponsor a refugee family. World Relief provides training to volunteers in partner churches to assist the families when they arrive, and around twenty volunteers from our church have already been trained. These Good Neighbor Teams provide language skills, job training and spiritual support. We don’t know when we might receive a family, but we want to be ready. To volunteer with our church’s Good Neighbor Team, contact team leader Jenny Lee at For more information about World Relief, go to

With so many refugees in the world, we often wonder what we can do to help. Assisting a family by providing household items for the Welcome Kits is one small way to make a difference.

— Linda Green, Missions and Affiliations Committee