First Baptist Day School

First Baptist Greenville has had a weekday school program since 1952, beginning with a class of twenty K-5 children in the church’s downtown location. First Baptist Greenville began an Infant-Toddler Program in 1969 which welcomed children from 8 weeks to 2 years of age. For many years the two schools, First Baptist Church Kindergarten and First Baptist Infant-Toddler Program, were operated separately until the decision was made to join the two schools together as one school. Officially as of August 1, 2017, we will be one school known as First Baptist Day School, and we welcome around 230 children, ages 8 weeks through 5-K, and their families.

Our school strives to provide the highest standards in early education in a supporting and enriching environment inspired by the Reggio philosophy. The Reggio approach to early education originated in Reggio Emilia, Italy. At the core of this philosophy is the natural development of the child in close relationship with his or her environment.

We believe each child has gifts and unique ways of seeing the world, connecting layers of understanding as he or she grows. Teachers and parents are facilitators to this process, prompting children to research their curiosities to find solutions or new questions. Children begin seeing themselves as competent researchers, growing in self-confidence and independence, all key in establishing a foundation for a future full of promise. Our goal is to support each child in their own learning style, nourish their curiosities and inquiring mind, and guide them in growing respect for themselves and the world around them. We desire to build strong relationships with each child, family and teacher; fostering the circle of partnerships is essential to the core process of learning.

— Dewanda, Kathy and Rosemary