I find it on the labyrinth—that round stone paver pathway beside our Columbarium and Remembrance Garden on the church grounds. When the world around me and the world within me just won’t quiet down, that’s where I go to find it. As I start walking that maze inward, I name and examine my frustrations, often with tears streaming down my cheeks. By the time I make it to the center of the labyrinth, the chattering inside my head and soul is quiet, at least for a time. I’ve done the hard work of being honest with myself, and now I’ll sit with the realization that I’ve also been honest with God, and I know God is near. As I make my way back out of the center, I can begin to feel it, the thing that I’ve come to find—stillness. Though not all is made well in my life or the lives of those I love, my mind, my heart, and my soul have found stillness. The racing has stopped for now. As my body gently follows the twists and turns of the labyrinth, I trust that I am heading to a place in life where God already is and always has been. There is nothing new under the sun, and I needed to be reminded of that.
Are you needing a time of prayer and stillness? Do you miss being at the church? We want you to come use the labyrinth on our church campus! If you’d like a brief guide on how to walk the labyrinth, watch this Viral Vesper that I recorded earlier this year. During the week, the children of the Day School may be playing in this area in the mornings, but feel free to come early morning, late afternoon, or evening for a moment of prayer and stillness. Soon we hope to have prayer cards and prayer box by the labyrinth so that you can share with the ministers what you’d like for us to be praying with you. Come one, come all; bring the family and enjoy this beautiful space for stillness and reflection.

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