IHN (Interfaith Hospitality Network) is a part of United Ministries which seeks to serve, transform, and empower those in need toward achieving self-sufficiency. Our role at First Baptist is to host families with children from our community who are experiencing homelessness. We, along with 32 sister congregations, work together to provide a temporary home for these families.
Our plans for hosting the Interfaith Hospitality Network guest families the week of October 24 have been changed from in-person to virtual this time due to the challenges of hosting during a pandemic. Alexandra Harris, one of the program managers at United Ministries, stated:
These first two weeks of hosting have given us a better sense for how these challenges influence the logistics of congregational volunteers hosting homeless families. After careful consideration, United Ministries’ leadership team has decided that the most responsible course of action at this time is to suspend the congregational network for at least one more month. This action will give us the time to adapt our approach to the challenges we have identified and to ensure that both host volunteers and guest families have a safe and smooth experience in the network. We will be making alternative shelter arrangements for our families during this time, and we will continue to support them in their efforts to secure permanent housing.
First Baptist plans to share hospitality with these families through Welcome Bags, Halloween treats, and some special opportunities for each family! Contact us at ihnfbg@gmail.com to see how you might help out. Thank you for all the ways you show care and support for these families.
—First Baptist IHN Leadership Team: Emily Fayssoux, Bud Hancock, Mac McClain, Cam McDade, Laura Stout, Sue Ugenti, and Anna Woodham

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