Dear Church Family,

Normally, I am not short of words, but I have found it difficult to express the depth of my gratitude for the chance to be ordained in this faith community. I was deeply honored by your presence at my ordination service on April 24, and by the love of the whole community. Thank you for the hospitality you showed to visitors, many of whom were experiencing an ordination service for the first time. Family and friends remarked that they had never known a church to be so tangibly full of joy and God’s spirit!

What does it mean to be ordained? Practically, it means that my business cards and email signature will now say “Rev. Camille.” Theologically, for me, ordination signifies a recognition of God’s call to a life of ministry and is an enduring, public commitment to God and the community to love and serve the church and all God’s people. Vocationally, nothing has changed! I intend to stay at FBG in the pastoral residency role until my contract ends in the summer of 2023.

As we continue to serve God together, I hope these words from Kendra’s ordination homily will ring as true for you as they did for me: borrow God’s eyes to see yourself and see the world. That is the task set before all ministers—and all God’s people. When viewed through God’s eyes, there is no end to the beauty we may discover together.

If you are interested in watching the service, you can find the recording on the FBG Facebook page or on the “Worship Live” page of the church website.


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