How do you continue to have school when your school building is closed? Working from home in the digital world for now (which is not our preferred way of working with children and families), First Baptist Day School (FBDS) educators are being creative – offering suggestions of age appropriate experiences for families and children, having morning meetings and visits through Zoom, sending familiar songs and having digital singalongs, reading books by video, asking for pictures and videos to be shared with the class, offering a challenge or project to do at home, just to name a few. Parents have been very receptive to this new way of working and are sharing images of their children and families engaged in these provocations. We are meeting digitally with the whole staff, as well as with age level teaching teams to support each other in our effort to continue to offer our children and families an engaged learning experience. 

Sixteen FBDS educators participated from our homes in the North American Reggio Emilia Alliance (NAREA) winter conference, which was originally to be held at FBDS in March. We participated in 12 hours (over 2 days) of presentations with 2 Italian educators through a translator. It was amazing and like we were there in person with them. We have had two Zoom meetings since then to collaborate on how to share this experience with the rest of our educators.  

The creative and positive efforts of our teachers and the supportive communications from our FBDS families keep us going during this unexpected time of figuring out this new normal. Our hope is that we will soon return to our usual normal!

—Kathy, Dewanda and Rosemary

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