FBDS Gift from Fives Class

Each year FBDS has a school-wide intention for the year. For the 2017-18 year, it was “Building Community… Who are we together?” Each class interpreted the thread of interest in a different way. The 5s class spent time focusing on animal communities. They researched different animals, took a research trip to the Greenville Zoo, created their own animal habitats, and created their own “Greenville Zoo.” Their creations grew to such an extent that they had to move it all to a larger space. They decided to create a large tree for the zoo using an old floor lamp. Using paper mache and paint, they transformed the arms of the lamp into beautiful branches and created colorful leaves out of clay, which were fired in the new FBDS kiln. They also invited their family members to create leaves for the tree. They served as docents and invited other classes and parents to visit the zoo as they proudly and confidently shared information about their animals and habitats. At the end of the school year, they decided to donate the beautiful tree to the school. It is undergoing some repair work this summer, but we plan to have it living on the B-200 hallway later this summer and hope you will take time to enjoy its beauty.

— Kathy Stewart