Join us on Sunday, September 17, at 10:30am for a morning of worship for all ages led by Traci Smith.

Traci Smith is an ordained minister, mother of three, and author of the bestselling Faithful Families series of books. Traci’s passion is helping families find times for connection and spiritual nourishment amid the hustle and bustle of daily life. What began as a quest to help her own family has provided valuable insight for thousands of others. Traci believes faith practices should be fun, easy to fit into daily life, and accessible to all. Visit her at

Traci will lead our church in an experiential and creative worship service and then participate in a special Faith at Home Fair in our Fellowship Hall. This fair will have ideas for families with children of all ages, birth through seniors in High School.

Faith at Home can be intimidating, and Traci Smith is an expert in this area. We are so excited to learn and be inspired by her ideas and simple approach to creating opportunities to talk about faith in meaningful ways that engage a variety of ages.

Plan to join us after worship for the Faith at Home Fair where you can enjoy some hands-on experience of some of the ideas Traci shares in her helpful books. Light refreshments will be provided at a minimal cost.

—Bridget and Mary Carol

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