Everything is a Human Being

A Spiritual Enrichment Event

   Date:  Saturday, August 25

   Time:  10am – 1pm

   Location:  First Baptist Greenville Parlor

   Price:  $10 (includes lunch)

   Check-in and coffee: 9:30-10am

Everything is a Human Being

What are the voices that guide you closer to your deepest self? The words? The places? The circumstances? Join Marlanda Dekine-Sapient Soul, poet and transformation worker, for a retreat based in contemplation, writing, self-discovery, and dialogue. The retreat will center around a keynote speech from a collection of Alice Walker’s writings, “Living By The Word”. Using Walker’s writing, we will look deeply into our personal, interpersonal, and collective humanity. Together, we will imagine our way into a space of wholeness, mutuality, and courage.

Marlanda Dekine is Sapient Soul, a poet and social worker living in South Carolina. She seeks to go beyond the consumption of art and the exploitation of people’s gifts towards building emotional infrastructures for the sustainability of the artist within us all. She believes in our imaginative power for equity. To this end, she founded {unnamed}, a transformative art label that shares art and cultivates artists. Marlanda is also the author and recording artist of i am from a punch & a kiss, a multimedia project released in 2017. She is the Founder and Executive Director of Speaking Down Barriers, a nonprofit that works to transform our life together across human difference. Marlanda’s poems and thoughts can be found in USA Today, Sojourners, The Greenville News, The Spartanburg Herald Journal, Spartanburg Magazine, Flycatcher Journal, Spark & Echo Arts, Minerva Rising’s Sparrow’s Trill, and The New Social Worker. Her intention is for her poems to move the world towards healing and transformation.