Every Member a Marketer?

At First Baptist Greenville, we have become comfortable with the phrase pulled from our Mission Statement: every member a minister. It makes sense, and we absorb the role where we are the church ministering in Sunday school, missions, service, evangelism and in so many more areas.
We’d like you to consider the phrase: Every member a marketer. How uncomfortable is that, right?
The Communications Committee is tasked with, among other things, determining the best way to let others know about First Baptist Greenville. We have committed to an active social media campaign in 2018 where we will post information about many events.
There are two ways that information can extend to reach our members who are on social media and out into the community. One way is to PAY for exposure. Another way is to have a broad base that will share, retweet, like and comment on the church’s posts.
We’re inviting you to think about social media marketing in the same manner Jim asks us to consider tithing. Try taking one more step and stretch a little farther in 2018. If you’re a shy social media lurker, we’re not asking you to become “that person,” but perhaps you can Like posts and Share a few along the way.
Here’s how everyone can help:
– Follow First Baptist Greenville on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
– When you see FBG posts, don’t think of them as information that ends with you. Think of yourself as a conduit for the information.
– Retweet, share, attend, like and comment as much as you are comfortable – and then add 10%!
Let’s get viral together!
— Communications Committee