Introduction to the Enneagram

A Spiritual Enrichment Event

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Introduction to the Enneagram

Tuesday, June 23

The Enneagram is a psychological and spiritual tool that uses the framework of nine distinct personality types to describe the preferred ways we make our way through the world. On Tuesday, June 23, Rolyn Rollins, an Enneagram workshop facilitator for the Cothran Center for Vocational Reflection at Furman University, will lead us through a discovery and exploration of our own Enneagram types, including healthy ways to use this new information in daily interactions with others.

This retreat will be perfect for those new to the Enneagram as well as for those looking for a deeper understanding of it to become more self-aware and to better understand the perspectives of others.

The cost to participate is $10, which includes a copy of The Essential Enneagram, which will serve as a guide during the retreat and a personal resource for you in the future. If you attended the Introduction to the Enneagram retreat led by Rolyn in October and are looking for a more advanced retreat, we will be offering a follow-up to that soon.

Date: June 23, 2020

Time:  6:00-8:00pm

Location: Zoom

Price: $10 (includes book)


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