It’s January, which means we are inundated with messages on starting fresh, building new and improved diet and exercise regimens and making plans to meet all our new goals, but let’s be honest—January is a strange time to make great plans. Do any of us really feel inspired to start over when the weather is stuck between “wet, gray sweater” and “pewter slush”? How are we supposed to start fresh when the sun sets at 2pm? Humans are nothing if not optimistic!
Despite our best intentions, new beginnings are hardly ever tidy or easy. The biblical story is no different! Beginning this Wednesday, January 5, join us for an 8-week MidWeek Fellowship series called “Eight Ways to Start Over.” We’ll look at eight stories from the Bible of folks figuring out new beginnings—from accepting a new identity, to rebuilding after a disaster, to choosing to love again after great loss. What could Noah and his family teach FEMA? How did the disciples start over after Jesus left for good?
Starting over can be painful and beautiful. Let’s start another year together, facing it all with humor and hope.

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