Sunday, January 24
The conveyance of blessing through touch has long been part of our faith tradition. In Israel’s early history, Abraham—and the successive patriarchs—transferred the family blessing to their children by laying hands on their heads. Later, after the giving of the Torah at Mt. Sinai, the sons of Aaron were ordained as priests by the touching of their ears, hands and feet—symbolic of listening, serving and going in God’s name. Centuries later, we cradle babies in our arms as we bless them, we hold baptismal candidates as they are immersed in water, and we lay our hands on ordinands as they begin their service as deacons and ministers.
Today, we are living in a context where gathering is risky, proximity is measured, and touch is discouraged. It’s understood. These same precautions were interwoven in Old Testament law and practiced when disease was present in a community. In caring for our community, we will ordain our new deacons this year without the usual proximity but with the same degree of prayerful blessing. Join us via the internet on Sunday morning,
January 24, at 10:30. During our morning worship hour, you will enjoy video introductions of our new deacons, we will offer prayers of blessing and ordination for them, and you will be able to share personal blessings in the ‘chat area’ of Facebook Live. It will not be our usual practice, but it will be a holy moment.

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