The Deacon Nominating Committee invites all church members to submit names of servant leaders for consideration to serve on the Diaconate. This group of sixteen individuals will begin their three-year term on January 1, 2022. The Deacon Nominating Committee has agreed to consider all nominees based on the Scripture references found in the Rules of Church Order: John 13:1-15 and Romans 12:1-18.

The committee has agreed on the following additional criteria:
• Members with active church participation, dedication, service, and financial support are eligible.
• The committee will work to balance the new slate of deacons to represent the diversity of the congregation.
• Deacon Nominating Committee members and their spouses are not eligible.
• Neither full-time nor part-time church staff members are eligible.
• Spouses of full-time church staff are not eligible.
• Spouses of part-time church staff are eligible.

Please submit nominations to Jenna Manning by Wednesday, October 6, 2021. Nominations should include a brief statement of each nominee’s qualifications and include your contact information.

Nominations can be made by written letter or by email to Jenna Manning.

Members of the Deacon Nominating Committee include:
Pam Jones, chair
Doug Girvin, chair-elect
Tyrone Edwards
Terrie Long
Laurin McDonald
David Richardson
Judy Snyder
Mittie Taylor
Reed Wilson

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