FBG members are requested to submit nominations for the 2018 Deacon Nominating Committee:

  • Todd Ramsey will serve as the 2018 Deacon Nominating Committee chair.
  • Nominees for the additional eight Deacon Nominating Committee members are requested early in the year so the committee can be formed and begin their work during the summer months.
  • In the fall, Deacon Nominating Committee members will contact Deacon nominees equal to the number of vacancies on the Diaconate as to their willingness to serve.
  • Once the slate of new deacons is complete, it is submitted to the church for a vote.
  • Installation and ordination of new deacons are in early January.

Below is a ballot that will be used in submitting recommendations for the eight positions on the Deacon Nominating Committee. Ballots will also be available on Sunday morning, March 11. Ballots must be signed by members. They may be placed in the offering plate or returned to the church office by Sunday, March 18.

Because the persons on the committee are ineligible to serve again for two years, do not nominate any of the following: Pat Booker-Christy, Becky Bouton, Charlie Bryan, Greg Crowe, Ana Gibbs, Ed Good, John Harris, John Jones, Pam Jones, Jennifer Murphy, Neil Rabon, Todd Ramsey, Marie Richards, Cherron Saad, Susan S. Shelley, Louise Stanford and Stephanie Wright.

NOTE: This is NOT a ballot to nominate Deacons, but a ballot to nominate members of the Deacon Nominating Committee. Ballots must be signed.

Find the ballot here.