Thank You

YOUTH INTERN - Darnysha 2BThis summer has been my first experience working in a church. The past few summers I have worked in camp ministerial settings. Working in congregational ministry has taught me the importance of relationships. Relationships between humans and the Divine and the relationships forged between humans and the impact these bonds have on spiritual relationships.

In my life, the most important relationships made are the ones that are intentionally worked on. So, I have purposefully engaged with everyone I have met here. I learned all the names my mind could possibly memorize. I asked questions as simple as favorite colors and as complex as what was the determining factor for choosing First Baptist as their home church. Learning the personal stories behind the congregants allowed me to build relationships. When time came for shared meals, people caringly reached out, making sure that I was okay and continuously asking what they could do to help me. As I have tried to build intentional community with others, they were doing the same with me. Each person simply met me where I was and loved me – just as family should. That is when I realized that I was a part of this family. From the relationships I formed with the youth, the staff and the ones formed during pastoral visits to the hospital – I became a part of this family. It has truly been an honor to serve alongside you all this summer. I will be forever grateful for this opportunity.

— Darnysha Nard