COVID-19 Covenant

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Ministers, members and friends of First Baptist Greenville (FBG) are beginning to find their way back to the church campus. As we slowly begin these small, approved gatherings—and look forward to larger gatherings in the weeks or months to come—we need to covenant together to appropriately care for one another and provide a witness/model to the larger community.

The Leadership Team of FBG (Deacon Officers, Chairs of Finance, Personnel and Property Committees, Senior Minister, and Church Operations Coordinator) and the Reopening Taskforce are asking all persons who come on campus to commit themselves to and adhere to this covenant.

We will not come to the church campus if we are exhibiting any signs of illness—particularly symptoms of COVID-19.

2  We will wear masks and stay appropriately distanced whenever we are in the church buildings.

We will follow all instructions with regard to where we enter and exit buildings and we will use the provided sanitizing stations to clean our hands upon entering and exiting the buildings.

4  We will only use assigned restroom facilities when in the building.

5  We will do our best to remain positive in our speech regarding all covenant measures even when they pose an inconvenience to us.

6  We will expect and trust that our church leadership will only approve gatherings and practices that are inclusive and as safe as possible.

7  We will expect and trust our church leadership to ensure areas are sanitized after use.

8  We will expect a member of our church leadership to greet any group gathering in the building and remind them of our covenant commitments.

9  We will gently remind each other of our covenant commitments if we see someone not following these guidelines.

10  Knowing that there is an inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 wherever people gather, we will voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19 and not hold the church responsible. We are encouraged to notify our group leader if we test positive for COVID-19 and have been in direct contact with church members and/or staff within the last two weeks.

In an effort to reopen safely, we request your participation, patience and prayers as we develop these temporary measures at First Baptist Greenville.

Adopted by the FBC Reopening Taskforce
July 30, 2020

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