July is the month we take a big deep breath at First Baptist. In the gap between the time swim team season ends and the time schools start up in the fall, most members take a much-needed break, as they should!

Our homebound and assisted living members, however, tend to live outside of this ebb and flow. Already somewhat isolated, the pandemic has been a real “insult to injury” to them socially. Those who care for them can also be “out of sight and out of mind” and sometimes can get too busy to care well for themselves. The month of August—situated exactly between the busyness of Eastertide and Advent—is the perfect time to reconnect with our many homebound members and their caregivers. This year, we’re doing that in two really fun and beautiful ways.

Last week, the Congregational Care Team packed bags of fresh peaches, and volunteers delivered them far and wide to our homebound and assisted living resident members. It’s a joyful thing to have a visit and share the goodness of the season in this way!

On the evening of Sunday, August 28, we will host an invitation-only Caregiver Respite Dinner on the Terrace Level of the AYMC. Doors will open at 4pm, and our special guests will be free to roam the space and enjoy relaxing chair or hand massages, art tables for all kinds of fun self-expression, a prayer walk on our indoor labyrinth, conversation with friends, or just a quiet corner to read a book. We need 10 or 12 volunteers to host our guests at various stations and for dinner, so I’ll take you on a first-come basis!

May I ask a favor? Will you help us update our lists for both members who are no longer driving and members who are caregivers and might need a night of rest? We want to stay current, and these are ever-changing situations. Please send your caregiver dinner referrals to me or to Ryland Brown and let us know if you can help us on August 28!


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