It’s back-to-school season for all our youth—even our college students! We are delighted that many of our college students are able to be back on campus this year. In the words of our freshmen students, this will be “a year to make the most of new friends and new places.”
As the new semester wears on, our college students will undergo a more stressful period: final exams. It is easy for them to feel defeated by constant papers, projects and tests. We want them to feel love and support from their church family! College students receive boxes full of encouraging notes, snacks and fun school supplies to get them through exams. Opening this box of love reminds our students that they are more than the sum of any grade and that their church family is cheering them on.
We would love your help in donating the items below for these special boxes to remind them of our support. Please be sure these are individually wrapped items, so they can be divided into multiple packages.
Rice Krispy® Treats
Candy or Suckers (not chocolate)
Fruit Snacks
Trail Mix
Donations can be dropped off in the designated box by the main front desk until mid-November. Thank you for supporting our college students!

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