Church Conference and… a Fire Drill!

On Sunday, March 18, our congregation will convene a church conference in the Sanctuary immediately after the worship service. The agenda items for this conference are the membership report (review the names of persons who have been removed because of death or transfer of membership), a report from our Finance Committee, an update on our covenant relationship with Fernwood Baptist Church in Spartanburg and an update on our Residency Program. That’s it. No new business. No controversy. No fussing or fighting or feuding. Just the typical required reports and updates that keep our congregation informed and involved. Some people feel that Church Conferences are boring, repetitious and uneventful, so… to insure this will be a Church Conference long remembered, we are adding… A FIRE DRILL!

In reality, it is an Emergency Evacuation Drill. Our deacons are trained to assist in evacuations during their orientation each year. Parents of children and preschoolers are given evacuation information during the year, but we have realized many of you may not be aware of how to exit the building or where to find your children during such an event. Here’s the simple information. Everyone should leave by the nearest exit. Parents of children (2 year old through 5 year old classes) vacate the building at the nearest exit and meet their children on the Peace Playground on the rotunda side of the driveway. Parents of infants and toddlers will meet their children on the nursery playground. (Should the drill occur during Sunday School, parents of elementary-aged children would meet in the garden above the Peace Playground.) In all cases, please DO NOT go to your children’s Sunday School classes since they will already be exiting the building.

If this sounds confusing, don’t worry. We’re going to practice on Sunday morning, March 18… and it will be a Church Conference to remember.