Growing up, my wife’s family allowed the children to each open one gift from their parents on Christmas Eve. As her family became my family in the years after we married, I was encouraged to come to terms with this tradition that in my eyes was nothing short of yuletide sacrilege. As I was exposed to more and more Christmas patterns outside my own family’s holiday tradition bubble, I eventually was able to make peace with the odd notion of opening a gift on a day other than Christmas Day and that not EVERY family religiously watches Christmas Vacation that afternoon (although I suspect that many do).
With this year’s Advent Sunday School series, in the same way that I learned and developed a new appreciation for other Christmas traditions, the Spiritual Formation Committee hopes to do just that for the whole church as we hear from panels representing the entire cross section of our congregation as they share with us Christmas Through the Generations.
November 28—Senior Adult panel, facilitated by Frank Smith
December 5—Youth panel, facilitated by Mary Carol Anderson
December 12—Children’s panel, facilitated by Becky Ramsey
December 19—Young and Middle Adult panel, facilitated by Kyle Matthews
The series of interviews and stories will take place in our Fellowship Hall during the Sunday School hour (9:30-10:15am) on each of the four Sundays of Advent. Everyone is invited to attend, whether you are currently part of a Sunday School class or not. Our hope is that the series will emphasize the joy of appreciating and honoring the many ways that Christmas is celebrated within our community of faith, not to mention around the world.
—Matt and the Spiritual Formation Committee

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