During the pandemic-related closures last year, it was no fun to be told to stay home, to “self-isolate,” and to give up the freedom we had to go anywhere we pleased, but that was just a taste of the adjustment many of our members have had to make due to injuries, illnesses or disabilities. Those who are no longer able to come to church were only more isolated when the pandemic prevented others from visiting them!
We want to make every effort to let these folks know that we still “see” them, love them, and care how they are—especially during the holidays! This year, the Congregational Care Team, with some help from our children, created some seventy Advent Gift Bags for them, and the church staff happily delivered them. In many cases, we’ve been able to enjoy the kind of in-person visits that were not allowed a year ago, and these have been joyful reunions—even with masks on! There is just no substitute for that eye contact, that familiar voice, and that sacred space we enter when we know we are really being heard and valued!
Please join the staff this season in finding your own way to reach out with a phone call or card to the precious people you have not seen in a while and “make real” some expression of love for them. Consider it an expression of gratitude for the way God “made real” God’s love for us that first Christmas.
We need human contact like plants need sunlight! Here’s a bonus that is somehow still a secret in our self-centered world: to be a blessing to others is to be blessed in return!

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