Unidiversity Youth Camp 2017

Unidiversity is a summer church youth camp that seeks to help youth see themselves as unique individuals crafted by the creative power of a loving God who is revealed in Jesus the Christ. This year’s theme, “Christmas Presence” gave our youth a chance to learn how to find the language to speak about their faith AND understand the incarnation as we looked more deeply at Hope, Love, Peace and Joy. Visit the church website for pictures!

— Mary Carol

My first experience at Unidiversity showed me over and over again how our FBG Youth Family really is a family, a strong community for our kids, where over time our youth can develop real connections with others in the group and gradually come to feel that this is a place where they belong. I watched high school guys and girls hanging out with 6th graders on their first Unidiversity trip and also welcoming our Israeli youth into the group; saw middle-schoolers telling the graduating seniors how much it meant to them that the seniors would spend time with them; heard the seniors telling the middle-schoolers to invest themselves in the youth group, because it would become their family; and I saw college students taking their summer vacation time to come back and pour themselves into the youthies and the youth group that had been so important to them for so many years. I realized this week that it was true; this is a youth community where students are taught to value each other as important to the group.

I also saw how Unidiversity plugs our youth into a larger community of faith, with youth from other congregations like us, with other Christian kids that they can hang out with, do silly skits with, dive into the Bible with, sing and dance in worship with, and generally connect with. The Unidiversity experience is carefully planned to develop the day’s Bible theme from morning worship through personal devotion time to small-group Bible study time and then wrap it up again in evening worship time. In the midst of hectic camp schedules, this multipronged approach helps kids “get” the Bible teaching they encounter all day long, and share with kids from other congregations. I’ve already told Mary Carol to put me down for next year!

— Laurie Bery-Dorroh, 1st time Chaperone

I have been going to Unidiversity since I was in 6th grade, and every year it is a totally new and exciting experience. This year, the other seniors and I got to experience the camp as leaders in our youth group. Though this comes with responsibility, the experience was a new kind of great. Getting to see the new young faces experience everything for the first time and build those relationships with other churches’ youth was really awesome to see. I’ve built relationships through this camp that will last a lifetime, and I’m very thankful to have been able to attend and experience God’s presence through this camp.

— Sam Ramsey, High School Senior