School is about to begin again and with it, a new year of fun, meaningful events for our children at church. Sunday School, Becky’s fun monthly events, and the gathering room on Sunday mornings are just a few of the opportunities that are available for our children this year. Weekly events for youth and preschool and Wednesday nights are starting up again soon, too.
In order to help make these opportunities possible for our children, adult chaperones and participants must complete the Protecting our Children training. This training and church safety procedures all play a part in keeping our church safe for our youngest congregants.
The year before last, my dad (Tony McDade), Kate Anderson, and I taught together in the Bible and Culture room on Wednesday nights. Kate planned a fun and meaningful lesson where the kids closed their eyes and pulled items out of a bag that refugees would need after fleeing their homes. It was powerful to see our children realize that the refugees may not have some basic things like soap or a toothbrush because they could not go home. They enjoyed the game and left, we hope, with some new perspective about how other people live and how God calls us to love them.
Kate’s lesson is just one example of the many opportunities that our church provides for our children to learn more about God and to grow in God’s love. Please complete the Protecting our Children training, so you can help our church continue its work in a safe way.
As a last practical note: if any of our ministers have a last-minute cancelation and need more adult help, they will only be able to ask folks who have completed this training, so this may be a good thing to cross off your to do list as you prepare for the new school year. Thank you!
—Jennifer Murphy, Chair of the Children’s Ministry Committee

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