CBF General Assembly in Atlanta

Have you ever attended a CBF General Assembly? This would be a great year to attend! The assembly will be held in Atlanta at the end of June, and several staff and church members have already made plans to participate. Highlights include a 25th Anniversary Celebration; worship with author Brian McLaren; and a commissioning service for field personnel, chaplains, church starters and pastoral counselors. What is the event I am most excited about this year? The Heritage Society Breakfast on Friday, June 30, where our own Sophie and John Harris will be recognized for their book Mr. Tuck and the 13 Heroes. Below are excerpts from the March 24, 2017, CBF Blog about John and Sophie. For the complete post, click here.

John and Sophie Harris are a dynamic father-daughter team… They have been selected by the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship Foundation board of trustees to receive the Award of Excellence for Generous Giving at the annual meeting of the CBF Heritage Society…“John and Sophie Harris join a distinguished group of Fellowship Baptists recognized by the CBF Foundation who have made significant contributions to the CBF community and beyond,” said Foundation Board Chairman Robert Prator.

Richard Riley, former U.S. Secretary of Education and former governor of South Carolina, calls their work, “a tender children’s book about a very difficult time in education.” The book tells the story of the formidable challenge and undaunted courage of an elementary school principal involved in the integration of his small school in Georgia. According to educator Florence Lyons of Albany State University, the book provides an effective and positive model for interracial relationships in literature.

Join us in Atlanta! To make a breakfast reservation or register for the Assembly, click here.