Earlier this year (2023), a study group was put together to examine three questions regarding compensation at First Baptist Greenville:
1. Are we compensating all employees, regardless of gender, equitably based on job responsibilities, experience, and skill level?
2. Should we change any policies related to compensation regarding transparency and publishing of pay rates?
3. Are we compensating current staff appropriately regarding reduced staffing levels, new job descriptions, varied hiring dates, and other relevant factors?

After meeting several times, and examining the data in different ways, we found the following:
1. There is no discrepancy regarding pay rates and compensation related to gender
2. Due to the confidential and highly personal nature of pay and compensation, the risks of publishing pay bands or other data regarding compensation far outweigh the rewards to the congregation or staff. We do recommend that a permanent task force composed of the Chair of the Personnel Committee, the Incoming Chair of the Personnel Committee, the Church Operations Coordinator, and one at-large member of the Personnel Committee meet regularly to review all compensation and insure that equity is maintained.

We appreciate the hard work that all of the current staff are doing at First Baptist, and look forward to continuing the effort to insure the compensation is fair and updated.

Freda Lark—2023 Chair of the Personnel Committee
Ben Waldrop—2024 Chair of the Personnel Committee
Bob Cloaninger—Member of Personnel Committee
Jenna Manning—Church Operations Coordinator

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