[fusion_text]How does God help you be brave? This year in Vacation Bible School, children in grades 1-5 pondered this question as they studied four Bible stories in which God asked people to be brave and helped them do it. A new special treat was experiencing the stories through videos which the children had made over the spring. Many thanks to our coordinators, teachers and youth crew leaders who made this week possible.

— Becky

News on Preschool VBS coming soon…

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What the children had to say…

CHILDREN 3T esther craftI really enjoyed singing with Bootie, snack, making the raven, and the videos.  – Tigist Campbell

My favorite was making the walls of Jericho snack.  – Wells Shelley

My favorite part of VBS was playing Bible ping pong about Jericho. I also loved the movie of Esther. It was fun being in it AND fun watching it!  – Martin Russo

I enjoyed the snacks!!  – Abby Cline

It was a fun week. My favorite game and snack was Jesus walking on water.  – Harris Davis

Snack, (my favorite) was snack!!  – Doug Cline

I liked seeing my brother in the first video and the trumpets.  – Preston Davis

I loved crafts the most because we got items that will help us remember the stories.  – Zeke Barton

This was my favorite Bible school in all five years.  – Caroline Shelley

My favorite part of VBS was making the horn and my favorite game was Jesus Walks on Water.  – Kate Fuller

I loved the snacks and especially building the wall of Jericho.  – Elle LaForge

I enjoyed the crafts. They were fun!  – Briley Gray

I enjoyed making the horn.  – Will Gray

I liked all of the crafts and how each person’s craft turned out different.  – Caroline Wilson

I loved the crafts—especially the jewelry making! I also like the story of the battle of Jericho, and how they knocked down the walls because they trusted God.  – Carter Fayssoux

Amazing. VBS taught me about bravery and pride.  – Hayden Boehmer

I love VBS and I wish I could do it next year too.  – Olivia Dennis

My favorite thing was games because I won every one.  – Rori Apicella

I think that just having a good time and spending time with friends that I only see at church was probably the best part. Not to say that the other activities we did weren’t fun.  – Jordan Manning (Queen Esther)

Esther the Brave


Bravery on the Water


A Widow’s Bravery


Bravery at Jericho