This coming Sunday, August 21, is our Promotion Sunday! New kindergartners will get promoted to the Children’s Ministry, rising sixth graders will join the Youth Ministry, and students of every age will join new Sunday School Classes. It’s a BIG day in the life of all our preschoolers, children and youth, which means it’s a big day for our whole church family. This is not a day you’ll want to miss.

During the Children’s Sermon, Mary Carol and Franklin will offer a special blessing for all preschoolers, children and youth in the form of a beautiful, colorful backpack tag, so we hope all of our students will bring a school bag to be blessed. This could be…a knapsack, bookbag, lunch box, totebag, sports or dance duffel…anything—whatever bag will help get them through the school year ahead! We’ll pray about the year ahead and prepare for another wonderful school year in the FBG Family.

If you do not have preschoolers, children or youth in your household, we hope you will still come to worship with us and add your own prayers and blessings to ours. As Luke 18 reminds us, “Let the little children come to me,” Jesus proclaimed, “for it is to such as these that the kingdom of God belongs.” See you Sunday!

—Becky, Mary Carol, & Franklin

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