6:15pm Wednesdays via Livestream or Facebook Live
For our MidWeek Fellowship Bible Study for the first four weeks of July, I’ll be leading us in a study of the Book of Job. The Book of Job hardly needs any introduction. It’s known well by those within Christian and Jewish circles—and outside of those circles—as one of those timeless writings that addresses some of the most important questions of humanity: “Why do humans suffer? What does God have to do with human suffering? What about Satan? Why do the righteous suffer?” The Book of Job manages to deal with these questions without giving us a straight answer, and it actually helps to read the book with a little levity and irony, so bring your humor and some sass and dive in with me while we explore what the Book of Job has to say about God and about us humans. I’ll give you a hint­—things aren’t always as they seem!

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