Bereavement Committee Volunteers Needed

Offering a meal to those who have experienced the loss of a loved one is a wonderful opportunity for the people of the church to remind those who are hurting that they will be given sustenance and support on their grief journey. The bereavement meal is a sacred time to be with the family and to feed their souls by feeding their stomachs. In order to ensure that every member of our church family has the chance to partake of this gift from their church family, we need to have a group within the church that is ready and willing to offer this ministry—that group is called the Bereavement Committee. These folks can be on hand if there is no Sunday School class or small group that can offer this ministry—this is oftentimes for families of our homebound folks who have not been able to attend church in many years. If this sounds like a ministry of which you would like to be a part, please contact Ryland, the Pastoral Care Assistant, either by phone (864-233-2527) or email (

If you are one of those folks currently serving on the Bereavement Committee, please look for communication from myself or Ryland in the coming weeks and be ready to continue serving as you have in years past! We are especially in need of a person or two to chair this committee. If you have ever been fed physically or spiritually by a meal offered to your family after the loss of a loved one, you know just how important this ministry is. Please do your part to make sure others feel the same love and care from their church.

— Kendra