There’s a Seinfeld episode in which Jerry’s friend Elaine discovers that her boyfriend is an evangelical Christian who believes that when they die, he is going to heaven, and she’s going to hell. She becomes furious with him for not being concerned enough that she’s going to hell to do something about it—for not trying to convert her—even though she doesn’t want to be converted and doesn’t believe in hell!

That’s a profound commentary on the state of faith in our culture. The average American is less sure about religion than ever, yet deeply wants and needs to be cared for. We long to be rooted in a community of mutual support and to be loved deeply and without judgment by the kind of love that can cover a multitude of sins. Thankfully, the love of God does precisely that, and the need to belong is one need the church can meet regardless of the budget or what shape the facilities are in.

Our Pastoral Care Ministries have two broad goals:
1) to provide expressions of care that meet real needs and 2) to provide opportunities for our members to be caregivers, an equally important spiritual need. If you have questions about either aspect: please call me!

Consider what is at stake here. If we—having claimed Jesus—fail to care, we all become hypocrites (I John 3). But if we care for each other well, the kingdom comes in spite of all our shortcomings. Caring for one another well is how strangers become church, how our integrity is expressed, and how we rediscover the joy of living as we were created to live: without a shadow of a doubt about where we belong.


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