Both our identity and our sense of purpose are formed by the place(s) where we find belonging. As we find belonging in the church, we learn that we belong to God, which gives us our true identity: we are children of God, siblings to Christ and to one another. We want our youth and their parents to find a sense of belonging in our Youth Family, but how?

Our Youth Family regularly gathers for Wednesdays@First, Sunday Night Live, and Sunday School. We also have a variety of retreats, outings and events throughout the year! While our retreats and trips create core memories for our whole Youth Family, during the week we have time set apart from school and work to dig deeper into Bible study, discipleship and missions on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Our youth parents are key in helping us provide a place where all youth find their sense of belonging. Our youth parents are needed to teach Sunday school, volunteer on our fellowship meal teams, chaperone trips, provide adult coverage during the week, and so many other ways! Find where you belong.

—Mary Carol

Rockmont is a special time in the life of our Youth Family, when we catch our breath after a very busy start of school and fall schedules. Here, we will introduce our yearly theme, enjoy tons of fun activities, and grow stronger as a Youth Family. It is an important part of every year and of every youth’s journey with our community, so please make plans for your youth to attend this weekend! Register now!

Wednesdays@First for Youth (AYMC)
A great time for students to re-charge in the middle of the week.
Hang Time, 3-5pm
Fellowship Around the Table, 4:45-6pm
Youth Bible Study, 6-7pm

Youth Sunday School,
9:15-10:15am (AYMC)
Grade-specific spiritual formation for middle and high schoolers.
Sunday Night Live, 5:00-7:00pm—Bible Study & Fellowship Meal (AYMC)
The heart of our Youth Family Week, with fellowship, fun, and time to learn together.

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