Stories written by our Youth Family of the beautiful messes in their lives.
Puerto Rico last year was definitely my favorite mission trip I have ever been on, and we didn’t leave without some memorable moments. When we first arrived we were excited to get into our rooms as soon as possible. We were staying in school classrooms so we had to rearrange a few things before we blew up our air mattresses. The first thing that we noticed was that it was way too hot in our room, so we got an adult to help us turn the AC on. Before we went to bed, we wanted it to be even colder in the room so we turned the AC up even more. Everyone ended up waking up at around 5:00 in the morning freezing and sleeping on the hard ground. The AC was up way too high and all of our air mattresses had deflated. People did things like put socks on their hands to warm up, and were sleeping on just their blankets. I almost went outside and slept in the grass, but stopped myself. We never really solved the air mattress problem because they deflated every night, but we changed the AC as soon as we could. Also on this trip we showered outside in the grass in our bathing suits. We were able to have conversations while we showered so we didn’t really mind it the first few nights. Near the end of the trip me and a few of the other guys were showering, and someone started to feel something crawling up their leg. Apparently somebody had left a tent under the showers one day and a whole bunch of ants got into it. It seemed like the ants were everywhere on us and we couldn’t get them off. We eventually got everything situated and got all the ants off us. Those were both very messy situations, but if they hadn’t happened, we wouldn’t have these beautiful memories.
—Jack Rollins, 11th Grade, J.L. Mann High School, to be continued…

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