Stories written by our Youth Family of the beautiful messes in their lives.
Now this one is my favorite story and I think that most other people in the youth group also have the same opinion. It is the infamous green paint story. On our mission trip to Alabama a few years ago, there was a bottle of green paint and a rope in one of the rooms on the boys hall. While we were winding down one day after working, our relaxation was interrupted by a few of the girls who came down to our hall to ask us about the paint in the stairwell. Nobody knew what they were talking about so we went to the stairwell to check it out. When we looked down the stairs, we saw that someone had thrown the bottle of paint and the rope down the stairs! The paint got everywhere. The word got around and soon everyone knew. Later that night, the chaperones talked to us about it, and told whoever did it to confess. Nobody would do it, so all the boys on the trip had to get out of their beds and clean up the stairs together. For the rest of the night everyone was miserable. To this day, we still don’t know who did it. That was a very messy moment in many ways, but now we look back at that story and laugh. It is one of our favorite youth stories and it brings us together. It is a beautiful mess.
These are just a few of the many great youth trip stories that will stay with me forever. We’ve had things happen like finding high heels in bags of food, having pizza rolls blow up in microwaves, and I even accidentally broke a lightbulb with my head at Camp Rockmont. These stories mean a lot to me and to many other members of our youth family because without these messes, our youth group wouldn’t be nearly as beautiful as it is today.
—Jack Rollins, 11th Grade, J.L. Mann High School

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