Stories written by our Youth Family of the beautiful messes in their lives.
Ever since I first heard the phrase “Beautiful Mess” it has stuck with me. I don’t think there is anything that could better define our youth group. There are way too many beautiful mess stories that I could tell, but I think a few stand out a lot more than others.
Two or three years ago at the Unidiversity youth trip at the University of Tennessee, a few of my friends and I were walking back from lunch ready to head to our rooms before electives. We noticed that there was a crowd of people outside of Hess Hall, which was the building with the dorms we were staying in. We didn’t know what was going on, so we tried asking around. Eventually we found out that a small fire or something had been started in one of the rooms. We waited outside for a pretty decent amount of time before we were able to get ready for electives. Luckily, the fire hadn’t started because of our youth group but because of some other church with six guys staying in a room that was supposed to hold up to three! The adults on the trip certainly weren’t happy with the messy situation that was going on, but now we love this beautiful story.
—Jack Rollins, 11th Grade, J.L. Mann High School, to be continued…

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