Stories written by our Youth Family of the beautiful messes in their lives.

A beautiful mess. For example, my bedroom; messy, disorganized, clothes scattered all over the floor, pure chaos. But each piece of clothing, each piece of trash, all of the pieces of clutter in my room point to many beautiful moments in my life. My Panera cup from a morning breakfast with my best friend. A pile of swim towels from a week’s worth of swim practice. A clump of knotted embroidery floss from my mission trip to Puerto Rico. You might have to look a little extra to find the beauty in my bedroom, but I promise, it’s there. Just like my room, there are definitely parts in my life that have been a little bit messy. Parts that I might not fully remember, but moments that are still a part of me.

I was abandoned at a market in ChangDe, China in Hunan Province when I was one month old. I was then brought to an orphanage in the same city, and several months later, I was placed with an extremely loving foster family. After fifteen months of being bounced in and out of temporary homes, I was finally adopted by my mom. She and my dad were not yet married, so my dad made the drive every Friday from Simpsonville down to Columbia to visit us. On May 21, 2005, my mom and dad got married. For the past fourteen years, I have been living in Greenville with my parents, brother, two dogs, and two cats. I have been attending First Baptist Greenville for seven years and I am so appreciative for the church family I am a part of. Although the beginning of my story might be a little messy, it has transformed into something beautiful. I am so thankful for where the messiness has taken me and I am so grateful for all of the people in my life who make it beautiful.

—Lydia Dorroh, 10th Grade, Greenville High School

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