Associate Youth Minister Announcement

Our Youth Ministry at First Baptist has been growing at a wonderful rate. It is reflective of the overall growth within the church’s life. The addition of members and ministries in this area has made it difficult for one minister to have enough energy and resources for the work, so we are adding an entry level, full-time with benefits Associate Youth Minister to our FBG Youth Family. We are looking forward to you having the opportunity to meet Will Raybon. Will officially joins us on Monday, June 18, and will jump right into our summer schedule, attending our High School Mission Trip to Washington, D.C.

— Mary Carol

Dear First Baptist,

Greetings! In just a few weeks I will be joining you all as your new Associate Youth Minister. I have heard so many wonderful things about FBG, and I am so excited that our paths have crossed. I am a third year divinity school student at Gardner-Webb University and have discerned a strong call towards youth and college ministry. A lot of big changes are happening in my life right now! In just a few months, my fiancé Celine and I will be getting married. Celine will join us at FBC Greenville sometime in August and will be living out her dream of teaching as an elementary school teacher.

I have had the pleasure of meeting several of FBG’s youth at Unidiversity Youth Camp, and I am thrilled that we now have the opportunity to journey through life together. It is my strong conviction that youth are not the Church of the future. They are the Church of the here and now. As we have seen in the news lately, youth have a powerful and loud voice. My hope is that I can be as strong an advocate for First Baptist Greenville’s youth as my mentors were for me. I will see you all very soon!


Will Raybon