An Invitation From Stephen Ministry

Twice-monthly continuing education is one of the facets of Stephen Ministry that ensures our caregivers are trained to provide optimal care for their care receivers. Occasionally, guest speakers present programs that may have significant interest to the congregation at large. The second of such programs this year will be held in Carpenter Chapel from 5:00-6:00pm on Sunday, May 21. Please bring interested friends and join us by entering through the steeple doors to hear Debbie’s Life Story & Being Transgender.

You may or may not know a person who is considered transgender. If you would like to learn more about this sexual identity, come to hear Debbie Shelnut’s story. Debbie, a member of FBG, will talk about how being transgender has affected her life from childhood to today. She will present facts about this issue and its causes, and she will discuss what can and cannot be done to address it. Debbie offers us all an opportunity to learn real facts from a person who is living this difficult life. Come to learn, understand and support members of this community. A brief time for questions and dialogue will follow her presentation.

— Ann Quattlebaum, Stephen Ministry