Before the pandemic, all of us did a lot of things differently. Most of those things we miss, and some maybe not as much. One thing I used to do that I miss is gathering by the Come Unto Me Window after worship with visitors, new members, or anyone who just wanted to check in with me or with another pastor. Sometimes, from that spot by the window we would go on a tour of the church hallways, the Sunday School classrooms, or sometimes we would even hang out in the Sanctuary for a deeper look at what all is in there, and why.
Beginning in February, we’re getting these after worship gatherings going again! No, not actually in the Sanctuary near the Come Unto Me Window, but yes, virtually, near the Zoom Unto Me Window. I know it’s not ideal, but let’s try it and see what happens. Each week, Jim, or whoever is handling the Service and Fellowship of the church announcements, will direct all who are interested to a link on the website and Facebook page for that day’s online gathering. Anyone is welcome to join in, but those who will benefit the most are visitors, new members, and our distance members who live out of town. These will only be as long as they need to be, probably fifteen to twenty minutes, but bring your questions, personal updates and concerns, and hopes for the coming months. I want to hear them, and I’m ready to get back to gathering for conversation after worship!

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