Represent First Baptist Greenville at the 2024 CBF General Assembly in June!

In a recent article, I mentioned a helpful rule of thumb for describing the Baptist tradition as being a non-denominational denomination—that there is no Baptist Church; there are only baptist churches. Instead of functioning within a larger Baptist structure, we, like other baptist churches, affiliate or fellowship or form alliances with other churches in an effort to collaborate our way to more effective ministry in the world, while maintaining our autonomy and freedom to set our own policies and make our own decisions regarding staff, membership and mission.

Well, a few (quite a few) of those baptist churches will be gathering in Greensboro, NC, June 19-21, for the 2024 Cooperative Baptist Fellowship General Assembly where we will continue on the journey of affiliating, fellowshipping and forming alliances without having to agree on things every step of the way.

You’re invited! If you would like to join me and some of our staff as we convene with representatives from other congregations and continue the collaborative baptist tradition, email me at, and I will help you get registered. There is a cost (registration, lodging, meals, etc.), and if that is a barrier to your desire to attend, please make sure I am aware of that, as well.

Go to for more information or to register.

From the website:
This summer at General Assembly, we will re:imagine as we live out our faith through our unique Baptist identity and are ever being transformed through the Holy Spirit. Together, we’ll consider transformation through imagination—our own and that of the Holy Spirit moving through us as a community. With the idea of re:, we’re exploring the idea of “regarding imagination” as well as the transforming quality of re-imagining—revising, reinvigorating, reenergizing, and renewing.

—Matt Rollins, Minister of Community Engagement

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