Did you attend this year’s Advent Joint Sunday School series? The Spiritual Formation Committee hosted four Greenville nonprofits to share about their work and the ways their organizations promote justice and equity in our community. We learned from Jasmine Road, Greenville Homeless Alliance, World Relief, and Village Engage (Mill Village Ministries). Videos of the interviews from GHA, World Relief and Village Engage are available on the church website. If you missed a session and want to learn more about these organizations, please explore their websites or get in touch with me for specific information.


Jasmine Road
Primary issue: human trafficking, holistic residential treatment and recovery from addiction and abuse
Contact: Beth Messick
Website: www.jasmineroad.org
Ways to engage: buy lunch at Jasmine Kitchen, shop their social enterprise gifts, donate financially, volunteer

Greenville Homeless Alliance
Primary issue: education and advocacy around homelessness and affordable housing
Contact: Susan McLarty
Website: www.gvlhomes4all.org/
Ways to engage: attend a coalition meeting, get on their mailing list for advocacy events and trainings, donate financially

World Relief
Primary issue: refugee resettlement in Greenville
Contact: Brandon Baughn
Website: https://worldrelief.org/upstate-sc/
Ways to engage: volunteer with FBG’s Welcome Team (contact Matt Rollins), volunteer as a tutor or provide transportation to newly arrived refugees, donate financially

Village Engage
Primary issue: building awareness of equity issues and empowering advocates. Current legislative advocacy is limiting interest rates on predatory loans
Contact: Susan Stall
Website: https://www.villageengage.com/
Ways to engage: join a JustFaith group (contact Matt Rollins), write to your SC representative, donate financially, join the mailing list for advocacy opportunities

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