Our Sunday School Ministry is diverse in its approach to teaching and providing community. Each class attempts to meet the individual and corporate needs of its members through study and fellowship. Many classes engage in mission projects and are active in ministry outside the class time. Our overall goal is to provide an environment of lifelong learning that enables adults to mature in faith, deepen relationships, and learn to invest their God-given gifts in ministry. We want to assist you in finding a class that meets your needs and in which you can grow and serve.
Classes are gathering virtually right now, but it is still a good time to visit them. If you would like to connect with one or have more information on how to “visit” or find a good fit, please contact me at matt.rollins@firstbaptistgreenville.com, and I will be glad to assist.
For more details of the adult classes listed, visit here.
Adkins Bouton: Primarily couples in 40s and 50s
Koinonia: Couples and singles, mainly in 30s and 40s
Link: Young adults, singles, and couples, mostly in 20s and 30s, many with young children
Connections: newer members and guests to FBG to establish a community within the Church
Seminar-Corder: Mid 60s through 90s
Rose/Grace: Couples and singles with college-age to young adult children
Gayle Price: Young couples and singles in 20s, 30s, and 40s
Carson: Mid-life to older singles and couples with adult children
Hope: Mid-life couples and singles with adult children
Johnson: Women 50+
M.T. Anderson: Senior adult men
Bridge: College and 20s
First Baptist 101: Visitors and new members
Joint Summer Series
Joint Advent Series

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