Does the thought of being asked to write for Lent or Advent strike terror into your heart? Next to speaking, reading or praying during worship, nothing has the potential to do so more than being asked to submit a piece of original writing for one of our two excellent annual devotional booklets. Writing is not an easy art form in the first place, and crafting personal, spiritual devotionals for the entire church’s benefit can seem all the more daunting. Our Spiritual Enrichment Event series takes a secular interest, such as writing, and examines the space where it intersects with faith and spirituality. If you are interested in gaining confidence in your writing while spending time reflecting on how it can enhance and inform your faith journey, I hope you will consider joining us on January 15 for a spiritual writing workshop, led by our very own Adrienne Burris. Adrienne, in addition to teaching ARMES Creative Writing at the Fine Arts Center, was the Founding Director of Greenville Wordsmiths, an award-winning nonprofit organization empowering reluctant writers and children with special needs to identify as authors. She and her husband, Ben, are members of the LINK Sunday School Class and have two children.
Saturday, January 15, in the Fellowship Hall
$20 per person, includes lunch
9:30am-Check in, coffee, name tags
10:00am—Session I
11:00am-Session II
12:00noon—Lunch and Conversation
To reserve your spot or for more information, email me at

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