It happens every once in a while. There’s an odd day – a weird day – on the church calendar. This year, it’s Wednesday evening, April 24. It’s just sitting there…right in the middle of everything…but with no specified purpose. On the Wednesday evenings of January and February, we journeyed through the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous together. During March and early April, we spent Wednesday evenings hearing from our mission affiliates and missionaries. During Holy Week (April 17), we canceled MidWeek Fellowship. On Wednesday, May 1, our children will lead us in a service of music and mission education to end the academic year. Each of these Wednesdays were thematically significant, but there’s this one Wednesday…April 24…that seems to have no purpose. It’s a weird Wednesday.

MidWeek Fellowship on April 24 will be held in the Parlor. (Our children will be rehearsing in the Fellowship Hall.) I will be leading a very provocative and informative session about the future of the church – First Baptist and the Christian church at large. I am struggling between three titles: Why It’s Important to Be a Different Kind of Baptist…or…Stuff the Church is Going to Have to Deal with If She Wants to Keep Moving Forward…or…The Dichotomous Landscape of Modern Faith and Culture. (I’ve been told no one will attend if I use the last title.)

Join us on Weird Wednesday, April 24, in the Parlor and hear this intriguing presentation about how our church plans to faithfully navigate a complex future.

— Jim

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