As someone who loves to see church members get as involved as they want, I am always thinking about ways to help people find their places of service or their communities within the larger church. For newer members, it can feel daunting to engage in a new opportunity in a large congregation or to visit an established Sunday School class. One solution is to start a new group, such as a Sunday School class. I have already begun conversations with several newer members looking to start a class, and now we are ready to invite others to let us know if you might be interested in hearing more about this opportunity.
The idea for this new Sunday School class is to provide an option for relatively newer members looking both to create community in smaller circles and to become more involved in the larger church, almost like an extension of First Baptist 101.
I personally have been a part, in one way or another, of forming five of our current adult Sunday School options, so to me, starting a new class is fun and exciting, and the timing might be just right for it.
If you are interested, please email me so I can add your name to an interest list and make sure you are invited to the initial information session (a Zoom meeting) in August.

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