A Labor of Love

How many of you have walked through the lobby of the AYMC and wondered where the beautiful geraniums came from? Who in the world takes care of them? They bloom twelve months of the year? It all started about five years ago when a Girl Scout troop gave us a potted geranium at the end of the school year to thank us for letting them have their meetings here. I sat it out on the welcome desk for everyone to enjoy hoping and praying it would make it through the summer. Peggy Nielson, one of our volunteers, was faithful to water it every time she worked. When she could no longer volunteer, Anne Martin, another one of our volunteers, decided she would take care of the plant. Every week she watered it, and once a month she fed it. Before long it needed a bigger pot which she took care of. What you see in the picture here is Anne with five years of faithfully taking care of the one geranium and then rooting and repotting as needed. This one geranium had the perfect spot and the perfect person to nurture it and help it grow. The largest plant on the table is the original plant or what we like to call the mother plant. By the way, it does bloom year round. Thank you Anne for making the AYMC a brighter, more colorful place to be.

— Mittie Taylor