First Baptist Day School has gotten off to a good start! We have put many health and safety guidelines in place to ensure that we provide as safe and healthy of an environment as we can during this COVID-19 time. Teachers, children and parents seem to be quite happy to be back into our school routine, having been out since mid-March. Our teachers began the school year with our yearly staff retreat, led by Jim Dant. Our welcoming process looked different this year with families participating in either a yard home visit or a virtual home visit. Individual families were also invited to visit the classroom before school began on August 26. Each class had a Zoom Parent Meeting before school began. Every year, we have a school-wide thread of interest. This year’s thread is “Relationship, Creativity, and Joy…Through a New Lens.” As we navigate a different kind of school year, our teachers, children and families are being very creative in the ways they are working as a school. 
—Kathy, Dewanda and Rosemary

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